Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Source

Original Art work by Little Drum


Inspire Others said...

Hi Little Drum,
Nice2CU! I enjoy exploring your site, beautiful artworks and photos. Are your painting technique is Digital or Acrylics? I like it! I'm following☺☺☺ Until next time,

Little Drum Dreams said...

Hello! Welcome to the land of Dreaming Trees! This painting is Acrylics on Vellum. While preparing the photograph for posting I applied a filter called "water painting". Pretty cool huh?

pauline said...

OMG... this painting reached out of the monitor & grabbed a hold of my heart!! It is BEAUTIFUL and i am absolutely in love with the technique and the colours. Is it oil or acrylics?! i so love the style... beautiful work!
I'll be back for a visit soon! xoxo

Judy said...

I love this!