Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Always Home

Story by Little Drum

She looks into Me

I will never be a logger's wife. 
Or spill her blood for my table. 
the giving tree has been wrung dry 
Only droplets fill my goblets  

I look into her 
she looks into me 
she sees perfection 
and I cry 
how can she love me so?  

How can I give my life for her? 
In a way that will matter. 
Matter for her. 
It is not selfless giving she wants 
but the giving of the self. 
Where can I give my life for her? 
In a way that does matter. 
Matter for me. 
She gives until she can give no more 
And it is never enough 
for those who have no love 
only decadent souls 
I will cry no more forever 
for her legacy is in my bones

Story by Little Drum

For the Muse

I will shade you from the sharpest rays 
Make rest beneath my crown
I’ll dance for you, You sing for me
Together we make Magic, Timeless
Wisdom, Forest Lore, The Bard in you
A Story for the wanderer, seeking nothing, seeking more

Story by Little Drum


 Roots on Rocky Soil, she draws her strength from Everywhere


Story by Little Drum