Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She looks into Me

I will never be a logger's wife. 
Or spill her blood for my table. 
the giving tree has been wrung dry 
Only droplets fill my goblets  

I look into her 
she looks into me 
she sees perfection 
and I cry 
how can she love me so?  

How can I give my life for her? 
In a way that will matter. 
Matter for her. 
It is not selfless giving she wants 
but the giving of the self. 
Where can I give my life for her? 
In a way that does matter. 
Matter for me. 
She gives until she can give no more 
And it is never enough 
for those who have no love 
only decadent souls 
I will cry no more forever 
for her legacy is in my bones

Story by Little Drum


Anonymous said...

I am astonished and deeply moved at the beauty of this work. I want to share your work with others.
Lynna G

the spirit that moves me said...

Beautiful words and images. Thank you - you capture true life in these trees.

Little Drum Dreams said...

Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I love the way the trees sing to me. It has been a life long passion to flow the beauty of Nature.