Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Dreaming Portal

Let your Longing become Dreaming

Story by Little Drum

The Skin of Her Drum

Her heartbeat drums
Calling me closer
Arms and legs holding me tightly
I brush against her skin
And as I love her, I see I am loving myself 

 Story by Little Drum

She Speaks

She stands sentinel at the gateway to my home….where my heart is.  
Her skin begins to crack.  She is moving from old to ancient.  
Her furrows widen to let go more.  She surrenders her wisdom to the Core.  
Beneath the earth I cannot see how deep and wide she spreads her influence. 
In my knowing I feel her.  
She is breathing the Earth.  
She is breathing the Sky.
She speaks of the world flowing by. 


Story by Little Drum

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Gift of Kindred Souls

A winter eagle came to me
And flapped her wings into this dream
Winter sun on morning trees
Winding roots touch water’s edge
Her beauty sweeps me into tears
I turn my body
To Winter Eagle
We are face to face
Wisdom White
Head and Tail
Her presence is my grace
Into my heart she shines a mirror
The gift of kindred souls 

Story by Little Drum

We are Everywhere

When I look at who I am, what do I see?  What do I love?
Trees — the rocks — the mountains, the ocean, the sand — I love to feel these beings, with my heart with my hands.
Who am I when I see you in the mirror — ancient warrior, shaman, girl ,  a woman, a man, a boy — a thousand faces —dreaming, smiling, crying, giving birth — my strength it is to feel. 
And my purpose?  To let the music move through me, move my heart to tears.  To Joy.
Who are you Little Drum?  Really? 
My essence is to feel.  To use the power of these feelings to not become lost in them, but to express, to MOVE, to grow, to create.  I can assist others to move, to grow, to heal, to create. 
Fill yourself with your gifts.  What makes you feel most alive?  Touching my unique spirit.  Expressing.  Energy.  Moving it.  Through sounds — motion.  The soul’s beauty seduced into form — a sound, a wave, an utterance, a cry.
My heart swells when I look at her.  I feel the grasses blowing at the slightest wind.  I am right when I am in harmony with the land.
You think I’m beautiful — this is what makes me beautiful.  This land, this earth when she flows through me.  I am her emissary.  I walk forward in her name.  I bring the Ancient blood to reconnect with the heart spirit of the land.
Right now I am in my power.  Channeling my truth.  Expressing from the core of the Universe.  I am the channel for loving, living light.  This is what matters.  Touching love.  She is everywhere.  We are everywhere.  In all of us.   Discover the jewel inside.  That is my name.

Story by Little Drum

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eagle's Nest

She holds me while I cry

Story by Little Drum

Allies in the Dance

Facing the rising Moon and coming darkness, the chill wind still moves quickly over the Mountain,  Spring is promised.

Story by Little Drum

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She Dreams

When I close my eyes I see trees
With great twisting trunks and skyward facing branches
She whispers from her depths
What she's found in the core of life

"Every pulse of you becomes the Dream.  
Live your Dreams."

Story by Little Drum

In her hands

Her palm beckons.  Lay upon me.
Cradling arms for my sleepy bones
Resting, I feel the pulse of Earth
from her body to mine
together we rhyme

Story by Little Drum

Sit with her awhile

This Morning I saw her.  Sitting in the branches of my Magic Birch.

She let me come closer than ever before.

And Sit with her awhile.

Before she flew away

Story by Little Drum

Friday, March 4, 2011

Body Like a Tree

If I were to name the likes of me
I'd praise my body like a tree
Strong and smooth and rough and brown
Into the earth my roots go down
Arms outstretched toward heaven's splendor
Wind and Rain bathe my heart tender
Sun and Moon pass over me
Earth's breath and tears my symphony

And If I were a Maiden Fair
The deep rich brown that is my hair
Would glow beneath the Lunar light
And keep me warm on Winter's night
Dark swirling pools that laugh and shine
Are how I praise these eyes of mine
Songbirds sing and I do answer
In life's sweet journey I am the dancer. 

~Story by Little Drum

Tree and Me

There is an old tree at the end of my street.  At night when everyone else in the neighborhood is sleeping, I tiptoe my way from our house to the vacant lot where she stands waiting, for people like me.  Her beauty stops me cold.  I am in her spell.  To feel her presence is to match one’s vibe to that of the turning earth.  I kneel to her Majesty the Queen. 

Her branches above me reach for perfection.  And they touch it with grace, raining on my back in droplets.  Her roots climb into the velvet womb, tendril and snake to the water beneath.  Everywhere she touches earth and sky, she touches me.  And I tingle.  Her electric blood runs through my veins.  In spurts and jolts she consumes me.

I undress before her.  I cradle her trunk, and savor the softness of cedar skin against my bare chest and belly.  Passion infused incites me to drink of her sensual seduction.  There is magic between us.  She has snaked into my heart like no other before her.  Her petals like wings of the angels embrace all sound while I open my soul to her story.

The soles of my feet burn, her acid earth beneath me.  I shake and swell and spin.  I pound the earth, hands and feet.  A circle near her skirt I mumble.  With every pass I am louder, closer to her raging flow.  Dizzy I run, faster, harder, she trips me.  I fall sprawling, laughing, crying.

The moon has been watching us.  Our dance, our lovemaking.  Catching my breath is easy.  For another howl.  The sound wakes my friend, a shepherd two doors down.  Our Lunar chorus haunts the night.

My clothes are warmer than my skin.  She kisses me goodnight and waves me home through summer wind.

 Story by Little Drum 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winter Birch Beckons

Black Diamonds on Silver Birch dazzle the sky
While lusting roots drink from the creekside nearby
Her twisting arms beckon more Blackbirds to fly

Tree Shaman's Drum

The Tree Shamans dance beating prayers on Heaven's Drum.  I peer into the portal of Light and Sound.  My dreams take flight on the Tree Shaman's Drum.