Monday, December 3, 2007

The Birth of a World Forest

* This is a fictional press release for the Tree Planting Dream I was exploring before I picked up and moved from the City to the Woods.  I still like the idea, and also the Gallery of Trees idea...let's dream! *

World Forest is a dynamic new tree planting company run by founder
Little Drum.
It's birth is the result of a longing for the return of the wisdom of Tree species worldwide, as a guiding force in the creative aspirations of the Human species.
Beyond tree planting, World Forest is the expression of Beauty and Creative Life force that is inspired by the Grace of these Beings that exemplify the Grandeur of the Natural World.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Passionate Perch

I have a passion for trees. This passion makes me want to see them everywhere. In all shapes and sizes. Colored leaves, falling leaves, no leaves.
As a kindred soul I feel the energy, reaching deep into the earth, stretching out into the skies, reaching for my heart with limbs of strength and grace. A wind swept arch, their dancing partner leads, while corsages of birds adorn the mighty form.